Happy #wiunion day

Maybe its cuz I’m a political wonk..but ever since 2011 I think of today less as Valentines day and more of when the major capitol protests were beginning.I mean it WAS Valentines day when the first rally occurred (thanks TAA!) and people were writing Valentines to the governor etc:


In the weeks and months to come…the state capitol would see the biggest protests in our history,our state would become divided politically like never before and the governor would beat his recall election….but yet I still can’t help but somewhat think fondly of  some of what went down in 2011.

First you had 14 fabulous democratic senators who took the bold move of leaving the state to deny a quorum.Had it not been for these dems…the protests would not have grown to the size they did once people had time to figure out what was in the budget repair bill.and they became heroes to Wisconsin and the world:


While the senators were away…democratic state assembly members spent over 63 hours straight debating the bill and everything that was wrong with it until a vote was taken suddenly..


When the capitol was locked down…dem assembly members moved their desks outside so that people could still be heard..


but to me what stands out most of all..is I will never forget attending rallies in 2011 around Milwaukee and hearing crowds of people chant “thank you” to members of government who were looking out for us that year:


In the 3 years since..I think what all this has taught many of us..is the importance of knowing whats going on in your local government and holding elected officials accountable for their actions.

I can’t help but remember that year…whenever I see a heart balloon in stores around Valentines day now..and I’m better for it:




TMJ is Wisconsins TMZ

So the last 24 hours or so after the Governors State of the State address…all kinds of political junkies have been tweeting and Facebooking their thoughts and opinions on what he said.As I watched it I felt especially sympathetic for the dem state lawmakers who had to sit through his spin and falsehoods.As many of you probably know by now..one of them voicing her frustrations was Milwaukee Assembly Rep Christine Sinicki..and if any of you know her..you know that she doesn’t hold back..and she didn’t last night.Apparently Milwaukee news station WTMJ thought that a Facebook post was so newsworthy today that they should even go out and interview people in her district about it!

Well they missed a tiny little detail in Walkers speech that Dan Bice is reporting on and now USA Today has picked up and now even the Washington Post.I dunno…maybe its the “liberal bias” in me but I think maybe the sex offender thing should be a bigger story then a state rep using a curse word on Facebook.I scoured TMJs website for any coverage of the sex offender story.Nothing,nada,zilch.Then again TMJ has become something of the local “gossip” news station in Milwaukee the last few years instead of reporting actual news.Maybe they could change their call letters to TMZ4 after this one.

And for the record…Walker himself didn’t even really care about what she said.There is one thing thats dead on in TMJs piece…and this is why I absolutely love Christine Sinicki:

“She has her own opinion and so does he but she could have used some self-restraint and been diplomatic about it, ” said diner Sue Chilson.
Sinicki said she is friends with the Governor but will never agree with him politically. The seven-term Democrat said she was sorry for her use of profanity.
“What prompted me to it was the fact that I’m getting very frustrated with the false numbers and the fairy tales that Republicans keep trying to spin in the state of Wisconsin, ” said Sinicki. “I do regret cussing publicly but we’re all human, we all have emotions and we all get frustrated.”
Sinicki said she would say the same thing to the Governor’s face and wasn’t hiding behind social media.
“Oh yeah, I’m the type of person – I call it like I see it.”

I happen to live in the backwards land of Glenn Grothman and Pat Strachotas districts and she let me adopt her as my state rep.and I’m damn proud of her!

Team Sinicki speaks truth!


“We’re with Walker,our County Executive”

so I was in West Allis today and walked past this vacant business when a sign inside caught my eye…


I couldn’t help but laugh a little but then realized its almost like a metaphor.This sign sitting in an empty building that was likely once a thriving business at one point or another.Just like how when Walker had 8 years being county executive of Milwaukee..he cut just about everything he could,from bus routes to mental health care..and things got so bad near the end of his term that Milwaukee County could’ve filed for bankruptcy.

Of course we’re seeing the state failing in the same way after just 3 years of him being governor.Lets hope the rest of the state learns the lesson Milwaukee county did quicker…before its too late.you can’t cut your way to success.Maybe one day some years from now I’ll see a “Stand with Walker” sign in a vacant building and look back on his awful reign as governor…

hey Jackson! We’re not immune from crime!

I’ve lived in Jackson (in Washington County,its near West Bend for those of you who’ve never heard of it) for the last 5 years after having grown up in West Allis.

Coming here was kind of a culture shock of sorts…its pretty much made up of a few miles of subdivisions full of McMansions,yuppies,rednecks,soccer moms..and not many people of color (hey I’m just being honest here!)..aka the ultimate Urban Sprawl place.Theres also not a whole lot here besides a few fast food places,Walgreens,gas stations etc..so its mostly a quiet place.Anyone who lives here has to have a car to commute to and from work,school etc.So the people who have young children here or moved here because of that..assume its “safe”.The whole reason they moved here after all was to escape “terrible” Milwaukee and its crime rate with all those brown people anyways (or at least I’m going to assume they did cuz more often then not that attitude is prevalent here).

Anyways they (or someone on the village board I can’t remember who..) must’ve felt Jackson was so safe and so insulated from crime that in 2009 they proposed getting rid of the Jackson Police (and the Washington County Sheriff would’ve responded to calls):


Thankfully common sense prevailed and the police stayed (I’m guessing whoever on the board proposed that didn’t though..)

Fast forward to this year…this past October the Culvers here was robbed.I work at the Mobil gas station down the road and that was all my customers were talking about.”I can’t believe that would happen here! etc” were some of the comments I heard….well guess what?The gas station where I work was robbed this morning now too.I found out when I stopped there and my boss told me about it.worse yet I realized that in the 2 years I’ve worked there…we didn’t even have a protocol of what to do if such a situation were to happen!

Heres reality….

It CAN happen here and it WILL happen here again..Just cuz Jackson sometimes seems like a bubble where not much happens..doesn’t mean its immune from crime.Yes it seems less likely cuz theres no public transit here so people here think that will keep the “undesirables” out.Well crime can happen anywhere.Just ask the “quiet” places of Oak Creek and Brookfield once.

Reality check…”suburbs” are no safer then cities.really.

Kathleen Vinehout Events This Week

Wednesday Oct 30th Meet & Greet on Madison’s East Side Amanda Hall, Wendi Kent, Tom Elhert hosts Glacier Valley Clubhouse-6925 Littlemore Drive 5:30-7:00pm

Friday Nov 1 Meet & Greet at Harmony Bar & Grill 2201 Atwood Ave, Madison Doug Cvetkovich & Kelli Lawler hosts 4:00-5:30pm

Saturday Nov 2 Town Hall Meeting in Antigo Ackley Town Hall 1.5miles west of Antigo on Hwy 64 (before Cty Rd H) 10:30- 11:30am

Saturday Nov 2 Town Hall Meeting in Rhinelander Rhinelander District Library 106 North Stevens St (downstairs) 2:00-3:30pm Topics: education, health care, budget, mining, economic development, jobs, money in politics, gerrymandering, 2014 election

Sunday Nov 3 Fundraiser at Chocolaterian Café 2004 Attwood Ave, Madison Darcy Haber & Toni Goode hosts 10:30am-Noon coffee, caramel, and chocolate fondue

Sunday Nov 3 Meet & Greet with Lori Compass & Karen Tuerk Jefferson Area Business Center 222 S Wisconsin Dr, Jefferson 2:00-3:00pm

See Kathleen Vinehout On Here And Now Tonight

Kathleen will be on Here & Now with Frederica Freiburg tonight (Fri 10/25) at 7:30pm talking about local control. The program will rerun on Sunday at 9:30am if someone misses it tonight.

Please let everyone know to tune in and hear Kathleen speak about the importance of local government.

Check here for your local channels and times  http://wpt.org/Here_and_Now/main


Slapping Potential Candidates In The Face, Mike Tate Style

Since the first time I saw Mike Tate talking about Mary Burke, I had this uneasy feeling about what was being said about her candidacy. It felt like the party was trying to decide for us. It doesn’t matter if Mike Tate said he was misquoted when he said that she would be the front-runner if she got in the race. He proved that as suspect today.

Then came the announcement of Mary Burke’s campaign manager. Maggie Brickerman. A person that I have respected for a long time. She was the ‎Executive Director at Democratic Party of Wisconsin up until the Burke campaign started. She is the person that I felt was busting her ass to try to save the reputation of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, as everyone else around her acted like they could care less if they won a Democratic election in this state or not.

The Brickerman pick as campaign manager screamed party insider right away. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t take advantage of an opportunity. The Chair of the Ozaukee County Dems (Bridget Moen) did it in a special election race for the 60th Assembly District. I don’t think anyone would have questioned the move, if Mike Tate wasn’t already out there saying that Mary Burke is THE candidate above all candidates.

Mike Tate was all over Facebook defending his pre announcement “misquote”, telling everyone that what he was doing for Mary Burke is the same thing he would do for any potential candidate (Senator Kathleen Vinehout is one of those potential candidates, and I’m sure that Jake Hajdu, Maggie Brickerman’s replacement isn’t even a thought to run Kathleen’s campaign if and when she decides).

Then Mike Tate did this



So much for the CHAIR OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY not endorsing someone before the deadline is given for anyone to file, let alone even collect one nomination signature to even appear on a ballot in the first place.

Common sense and following the rules set forth by the party itself must be burning in a fire pit in Mike Tate’s backyard right now.

Try putting that out with your Pellegrino Mike.