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Slapping Potential Candidates In The Face, Mike Tate Style

Since the first time I saw Mike Tate talking about Mary Burke, I had this uneasy feeling about what was being said about her candidacy. It felt like the party was trying to decide for us. It doesn’t matter if Mike Tate said he was misquoted when he said that she would be the front-runner if she got in the race. He proved that as suspect today.

Then came the announcement of Mary Burke’s campaign manager. Maggie Brickerman. A person that I have respected for a long time. She was the ‎Executive Director at Democratic Party of Wisconsin up until the Burke campaign started. She is the person that I felt was busting her ass to try to save the reputation of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, as everyone else around her acted like they could care less if they won a Democratic election in this state or not.

The Brickerman pick as campaign manager screamed party insider right away. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t take advantage of an opportunity. The Chair of the Ozaukee County Dems (Bridget Moen) did it in a special election race for the 60th Assembly District. I don’t think anyone would have questioned the move, if Mike Tate wasn’t already out there saying that Mary Burke is THE candidate above all candidates.

Mike Tate was all over Facebook defending his pre announcement “misquote”, telling everyone that what he was doing for Mary Burke is the same thing he would do for any potential candidate (Senator Kathleen Vinehout is one of those potential candidates, and I’m sure that Jake Hajdu, Maggie Brickerman’s replacement isn’t even a thought to run Kathleen’s campaign if and when she decides).

Then Mike Tate did this



So much for the CHAIR OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY not endorsing someone before the deadline is given for anyone to file, let alone even collect one nomination signature to even appear on a ballot in the first place.

Common sense and following the rules set forth by the party itself must be burning in a fire pit in Mike Tate’s backyard right now.

Try putting that out with your Pellegrino Mike.

Mike Tate, We Need YOUR Support Now

Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, posted this today.

“Having been in Madison much of the week I realized that I was actually concerned that if I entered the Capitol near the noon hour I’d be arrested. I figure the Walker folks would love a pic of me in cuffs. And it made me think on how much it seems the definition of what is a crime or unlawful behavior has changed. It’s apparently not a crime to strip workers of their rights, have campaign operatives running a govt, radically redistricting our state, slowing release of public records, have campaign operatives blatantly coordinating activity between independent and candidate groups and on and on. Yet a few folks gathering to sing songs seeking a redress of grievances in our Capitol is a crime. As a child I loved wandering the Capitol and walking onto the Assembly and Senate floors, looking at the parlors. Today, as an adult I fear entering the building for risk I may be led away in handcuffs and charged with a crime.

I look forward to the day we reclaim our state. I believe our time is coming soon.”

We have seen elected Democrats and leaders of Democratic leaning groups participating in the daily Solidarity Sing Alongs this week, so we don’t understand why you won’t come and join us there also. If you can’t do that, I second the pledge put forward by Lisa Wells, which says “Mike is always sending me e-mails asking for money to fight for the cause. Put up or shut up.” You can do that by giving a financial donation to the Solidarity Sing Along Legal Defense Fund at http://solidaritysingalong.org/

Without your help, we can’t win.

UPDATE: Mike Tate has contacted Lisa Wells and pledged $50 towards the defense fund.
Thank you Mike!.

Scott Michalak – Wronged By Local Democratic Leadership

Scott Michalak, the candidate that ran against Joel Kleefisch in 2012, told me about the way he was wronged by people that represent the Democratic Party in his area. I also know that the leadership at the State level of the Democratic Party did not know of these actions against him as they occurred. Jeff Christensen was Chair of the 5th Congressional District when these problems occured, and he is currently running for 2nd Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and his opponent is Jamie Shiner, from Brown County.

Here is Scott Michalak’s story.

On October 1 2012, I was asked by Jeff Christensen to suspend my campaign. The reason why is because 14 years ago my ex wife made the allegation during our divorce that I had physically abused my daughter and pet dog. Those allegations were false and proven to be so in a court of law, and the charges were dropped 14 years ago. Jeff told me that I should suspend my campaign because this would hurt me and the party in the court of public opinion. I told him that I was innocent and proven to be in a court of law. So much in fact that my ex wife signed custody of 2 of my 3 girls 2 years after our divorce. What ensued after I told Jeff I refused was disgraceful. I was shunned from going to party events, including a time that me and my mother being told we couldn’t attend a Tammy Baldwin event in my district .My 75 year old mother, a life long Democrat who only wanted to get a picture of her son with a senator. I was told to go home from an Oconomowoc Dems meeting. I will never forget the tears from my mothers eyes the day we were told to go home. The Watertown office called other donors in my district to get funding for other Dem assembly candidates. A special expert in this field was assigned by the party who looked into our case and interviewed my wife, daughter, and mother and found no reason why I couldn’t continue my campaign. The only thing I am guilty of is a terrible first marriage and messy divorce. Jeff Christensen, Erin Sievert you made my family and my life a living hell in October 2012. You humiliated me and my family, you defunded my campaign, and you put an elderly woman to tears. You did this without the knowledge of Mike Tate or Jacob Hajdu acting almost like a cell within a cell. You people aren’t fit for the positions you hold let alone a promotion by election. I have tried several times to take care of this behind closed doors, but to no avail. My political career may be over. Congratulations you people ended it without Republicans or Joel Kleefisch ever firing a single shot. I received nearly 40 % of the vote and turned some republican areas blue from 2010. I don’t know if I would have won but I sure as hell would have like to have tried.

Waking Up In Hell

While I sat in the Capitol last night, watching our state get destroyed even more, it made me realize that the Democratic party’s 72 county strategy is way too little, way to late. Your little feel good propaganda campaign, and complete inability to get Dems elected at the state level allowed last night to happen. That includes the bully tactics used by Jeff Christensen and Erin Sievert in regards to the Scott Michalak campaign. As of right now, the only person I can comfortably endorse for the Democratic Party board is Jamie Shiner for 2nd Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. You can have the ability to raise as much money as you want, but money can’t stop what was allowed to happen last night, if it wasn’t used to help people win elections. These are my views, and I’m not in the mood to get in a discussion with anyone about my feelings now. Feel free to comment all you want, but I’m done. You will not change my mind.

@WISGOP supports Roggensack – where is @WisDems support for Ed Fallone?

wisgoproggensackWhat you have here is the Wisconsin Republican Party, supporting a candidate for a non-partisan position. We all know that non-partisan seats are non-partisan in name only.  The GOP is throwing its support behind Pat Roggensack. Where is the support for Ed Fallone?

It’s not like the @WisDems twitter account isn’t throwing support behind other things:


As a rabid Milwaukee Panther, I’m not a big fan of the tweet. But I do recognize we have a state mostly made up of Badger fans. But what does this matter? We can send out a tweet supporting Bucky freaking Badger’s basketball team but we can’t support a liberal candidate for the state supreme court?

We’ve got to push every candidate we can. It’s in the spirit of the 72-county strategy, even if they’re not close in the polls or carrying a “D” next to their name.

Sources: Zielinski may still be working as Comm. Director

Multiple sources, under the condition of anonymity have confirmed to FDLFVR that Graeme Zielinski, who was removed as the Spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, is still working in the same capacity except that he is no longer allowed to tweet from the @gjzielinski Twitter account.

At a fundraiser Tuesday night, Zielinski remarked to a group of Democratic donors “I pretty much have my old job but without Twitter.”

This was a revelation to most. who saw the Daniel Bice story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and figured that Zielinski was taking a backseat as a “media adviser” and was no longer doing the day-to-day job of the Spokesman and Communications Director.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has moved the job of handling media to Melissa Baldauff, whose title is Research and Digital Director, until a permanent replacement as Spokesperson has been hired.

Zielinski’s profile on WisDems.org is the only one that does not carry a title with it; the “media adviser” tag has only been used by Daniel Bice’s source.

FDLFVR has been preparing a piece, a “Report Card after GZ” on how the state party has acted on social media since Zielinski stepped down. With the news that Zielinski is basically in the same job as he was before, it is no surprise that the wildly anti-Republican tone of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s various social media accounts has not been toned down.

It seems that the state’s social media message, apparently still produced by Graeme Zielinski, continues to prefer bashing the GOP to giving Democratic candidates the time of day.

Vote April 2nd

We do have a statewide election, and many local elections, coming up in less than 2 weeks. I have received many emails, Facebook messages, phone calls, and Tweets from County Dem leadership, elected officials, and concerned citizens from all over the state, including 2 counties that I no longer live in (Sachin Chheda and the Milwaukee County Dems being the shining example). They are really doing everything they can to get the word out and let us know that we need to get off of our butts and get Ed Fallone elected to the Supreme Court, and I completely agree. They are setting up meet and greets and phone banks all over this state for all of these elections.

I see one strong voice (The Democratic Party of Wisconsin) not sending voters these same messages. They are letting us know, over and over, that Scott Walker and Paul Ryan are bad people, and we should send them money because they feel this way. I’m pretty sure most of us that receive those emails agree with that statement. But shouldn’t the focus be on what is best for our state in the near future, especially when we have less than 2 weeks to make that difference? Mike Tate used the recent wins of Barack Obama and Tammy Baldwin as an example of what happens when all of us focus on the same goals, and used the excuse of redistricting as the reasons for the loss at many State level races. This race has the same boundaries that you use for the 2 wins you take credit for Mike, so if Ed Fallone loses this race, YOU are the one to blame.

State Democratic Leadership Against Labor?

I really want the Democratic candidates in this state (And just about anyone else that is not running as a Republican for that matter) to have an effort to win seats at all levels of Government in our fine state. If that wasn’t true, I wouldn’t have named the blog what it is.

I want to see the candidates that are part of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin win most of all, and that hasn’t happened for us recently. At least not enough to win the majority in either the Senate or the Assembly. This can happen if the candidates running for those positions were to get a bit more support from the party itself, and that seems to not happen as often as it should. Ask Lori Compas.

Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, asked me about which candidates I heard were blackballed by the Democratic Party in recent elections, and I told him I would not release names without getting their ok first. He also wanted me to give the names of the people on his staff who did this. Well, I got one candidate to step up and give me the ok. That person is Randy Bryce. The staff member that did it to him? Meg Andrietsch,  DPW Secretary.

Here is his story, in his words.

Where to begin? In the pre-”Walker dropping the bomb” era, A volunteer position became available as political coordinator for our union. I always knew that whatever happened politically affected our members. I accepted the position.

I started researching voting records in order to determine who our friends were. Some stood out right away. I reached out and became involved helping get our friends re-elected. I attended fundraisers and listening sessions.

Then the bomb dropped. Graeme Zielinski contacted the Iron Workers and made us aware of what Gov. Walker was planning to do. We decided to take to the streets. This was the first time that I had ever been involved with an action of its kind. Hundreds marched in Horicon, WI to Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald’s house in order to demand that Act 10 not be introduced. We made the news that evening.

After that day, I became as involved as one could with “the War”. I took off of work several days in order to drive to Madison in order to “do laps” around the Capitol with those whose Rights were under attack.

Then the Fab 14 left. I was inside the Capitol when the announcement was made. I remember how I felt knowing that we had politicians willing to go so far, in order to stand up for working people. I was impressed.

I still did not pay membership to any one political party, because I felt that if I chose a side, it would keep me from officially being nonpartisan, and acting in a manner that would best serve our union.

I received a phone call from someone with ties to the Racine County Dems asking me if I would be interested in joining the Party so that I could vote for a couple of individuals to represent the 1st CD at the National Convention in North Carolina. With sides being drawn up along Party lines, I joined the Party that I felt was standing up for us. With my donation, I was warmly received. I felt that I had made a good decision.

Redistricting (i.e. Gerrymandering) was introduced. The Representative in my newly drawn district knew that he had a hard fight on his hands. It was decided that he was going to relocate in order to represent a different district, leaving the district where I resided as an open seat. Another prominent State Representative encouraged me to run for the seat. After a LOT of thinking, I decided to jump in. I mean, I was asked to join, and at that point, I felt very welcome within the group. I would run as a Democrat.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, I got my first hint when I arrived at the election to decide who would represent the 1st CD. I was whisked over to meet another candidate who had been considering running for the same seat. I was told, “You two can talk about it, but, I’m not going to tell you what to do”. We talked. I decided that I genuinely liked the person who I would be running against. However, I had promised a particular State Representative who convinced me to run that I would run. My word means everything to me.

The minute I became a candidate, my world (politically) changed. I went from being a welcomed voice of labor who supported the Dems to an outsider no longer very well received.

I have to make a point here. Most of the members of the Racine County Dems were/are fantastic people. One particular person was responsible for this change in attitude. Meg Andreitsch – the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Secretary.

As I never ran for any office in my life before, I looked for help. Nothing. I finally asked a teacher friend to be the Treasurer. She accepted. Her thanks, after being heavily involved with the Recalls, was to be asked to leave the Racine Dem’s office in downtown Racine due to the fact that she was a part of my (our) campaign.

Upon advice from a very reasonable person who was suggesting ways to be accepted, I stopped in, and asked permission to display my nomination papers(along with boxes of doughnuts from a local bakery). I was told that it was okay. I returned a few weeks later, to see a sign urging people to sign local candidate’s papers. My name was left off of the sign. I couldn’t find any of my blank nomination sheets. (to be fair, people may have taken them with intent of getting them filled, but I never received any completed forms as a result)

One evening, Ted Nugent was going to be playing at the Racine County Fair, where the DPRC had a booth. There was talk about closing the booth for that evening because nobody wanted to volunteer with the expectation that the place would be packed with overly exhuberant Nugent fans. My campaign manager suggested that we take a shift. We did, and the booth stayed open. People drove all the way from Kenosha and areas north of Milwaukee to help us man it. My thanks was to be informed that there were complaints that I had enough nerve to display campaign literature at the table.

An e-mail was sent out to a group that contained several members of the Democratic Party encouraging people to support me. Meg Andrietsch wrote a scathing reply that made the sender very aware that “we have a good candidate” (my opponent).

After I lost the primary election to a VERY hardworking opponent, I was left wondering who exactly would be a welcome candidate. I was loved up until I decided to run. It was great to support candidates, but not acceptable to become one of them, if one was to observe the DPW Secretary’s actions.

I had an e-mail exchange with the DPRC Chair after the election. I have nothing but respect and admiration for her. She agreed that some things should never have taken place, and offered reasonable explanations for other actions. I was asked why I never brought my complaints to her attention. I explained that I didn’t want to create any further rifts.

This all would have remained quiet until I was recently made aware of a comment that Andreitsch made when someone had requested to do some canvassing on my behalf. The person was told that “He’s (me) Labor, not a Dem”.

I took exception with this comment. I made it very public that I was offended by this remark. It was almost implied that I was being dishonest. I was contacted by leadership within the DPW and asked how things could be made whole. All that I asked for was acknowledgement that it took place and that it wouldn’t happen to any other Labor candidate in the future. I didn’t even require an apology.

Apparently, that was too much to ask for. Meg has denied making the comment (I’ll take the word of the other two people who were present when it took place).

In addition to the denial, I understand that the DPW Secretary still makes faces and rolls her eyes at the mention of my name.

I would suggest that pro-Labor people seriously consider replacing Ms. Andreitsch at the next DPW State elections for officers. She has really left a bad taste in my mouth, not just for her actions, but the denial of those actions. I am hoping to not need to add in the names of several Dem County Chairs and members who have been kind enough to alert me to this behavior as witnesses. I would hate to see them blackballed for their honesty.

I would like nothing more than to have political support on behalf of Labor – not just to be represented, but to be able to represent ourselves. As working people make up the vast majority of voters in Wisconsin, we need to have our voices heard. Any person or group who denies us the ability to represent ourselves is no friend of ours. I continue to look forward to working with any group who will help support our causes.

We do have some amazing elected representation who have been elected as Democrats. We also have many fantastic people who belong to the Party. I am not yet urging everyone to take issue with the entirety of the DPW, or even specific county parties. I am strongly suggesting that we make sure that every person in every leadership postition is a friend of working people – not just to include political parties.

Especially in these dark times, we need to be heard. I’ve just had enough of extending an open hand and having it get slapped away.

Take it easy, GZ

By Jimmy Lemke

Admittedly, I’m a newcomer to the state political world and in general don’t have an opinion on everything in the realm. I like to call the past couple of months my “feeling out process” in the Democratic Party. Sure I’ve always voted Democratic, but for the first time I became a contributing member. I’ve gotten to know people in the local Milwaukee chapter, read up on everything around the state, and followed the blogging and press from the state party closely.  It’s only natural that someone with a journalism background notices the delivery of the message before the message itself.  So you can take this post with a grain of salt or not if you wish.

However, there’s something I have to say. After these few months as a fledgling member of the Democratic Party, there is nothing I’m sure of more than this:

Graeme Zielinski has got to go.

The Communications Director of the State Democratic Party is a position of the utmost importance for the future of Democrats in Wisconsin. To get elected, Democrats need to get their message out there. To get their message out there, they can use any medium of press available to spread it. But to target fellow Democrats specifically, people who can be foot soldiers for them and reach the largest audience possible, they need the voice of the Democratic Party behind them. That voice is all of us, the voting members of the party, and through voting we have chosen Mike Tate to determine what that voice says. His communications director is the one that broadcasts that voice to the state.

Graeme Zielinski does an astonishingly poor job of doing that. This goes far, far past the Jeffrey Dahmer tweets. Everyone knows they were in poor taste.  But it’s not the first time Zielinski has played the internet troll when he should be playing the boxing trainer.

Almost everything from the Wisconsin Democratic Party is wrong. It’s a flood of anti-Walker sentiment, repackaged in 50 different ways for the most vindictive of us to snicker at like the latest meme on Facebook.  But that’s all it is.  There’s very little here propping up the next round of Democrats.

Of the last ten press releases on the WisDems.org website, eight of them bash Walker. Of the other two, one is a generic call from Tate to avoid the sequester and one is a spotlight on Rob Zerban and his stance on Paul Ryan’s plan to support the GOP plan of the sequester.

Zielinski forgets to “Reward our Friends.”

So that’s one. One post in the last ten that promotes a Democrat running for office (I’m hoping/expecting Zerban takes another shot at Paul Ryan in 2014).    Anything supporting Ed Fallone? His challenge to Pat Roggensack may not be along “party lines,” but it’s pretty obvious which candidate espouses Democratic values. In just one month, Fallone is challenging Roggensack for the right to a ten-year appointment on the State Supreme Court. Do you think he could use some pub from the state party?

Press releases are the tip of the iceberg. On the state party’s Facebook page, there’s a post about the same Zerban comments and a celebration of the passing of VAWA.  Besides that? A lot of screw Scott Walker with a little screw Sean Duffy thrown in.

My question is this: if the State Democratic Party plans to run “Anti-Walker” versus Walker in November 2014, who do they expect to win?

There was nothing about Tom Barrett’s State of the City speech, despite the fact that he’s one of the most high-profile Democrats in the state right now. Nothing about Kathleen Falk, who would be great candidate in the gubernatorial election next fall. Neither is there anything about Peter Barca, Russ Feingold, Kathleen Vinehout or Doug La Follette.

The State Democratic Party of Wisconsin has 20 months to build up a challenger that can beat Scott Walker. It’s obvious that this isn’t their philosophy, at least in how it is being espoused by Graeme Zielinski.

Say we have a candidate who would have a great shot at beating Scott Walker in 2014. If the current party line (according to GZ) continues, we will hear nothing about these people until the primary elections. Once those are over, the line from Zielinski will show everything this candidate disagrees on with Scott Walker.  That candidate will line up against Walker in November, and they’ll lose handily.

Now, I’ve never run a campaign. I’ve never worked on a campaign, never made cold-calls for someone or stood and had my picture taken with a state senator or a assemblyman. But I know how I’d try to beat Walker’s message, and it would be starkly different from how Zielinski’s handled things thus far.

Take that same candidate from the previous scenario. Say they haven’t even decided to run for the governor’s mansion. Say they haven’t even been asked by anyone. But they’re a good candidate.  I would go to them, discuss how things are going now. Senator Barca, what legislation are you working on? What are you supporting that helps the people of Kenosha?  Senator Feingold, what have you been up to since the last election? What made you decide to get into teaching?  Kathleen Falk, it was a tough loss in the Democratic primary for the recall election. How is life since then?

Zielinski preparing his 10,000th tweet about how Walker is a criminal.

People love personal interest stories. They lap it up. And politicians need those kind of things to get out there. So I’d oblige them – each and every one of them. When Penny Sikora was running for Alderman, it was a great story. A bus driver running for public office? Obviously events besides that have kept Sikora from being a good candidate, but the story of someone “of the people” running for public office is solid. But there’s no promotion from the Democratic party here. It seems like they want everyone to run their own campaign, and the best we can do is throw some money your way or help you throw a fundraiser.

You do these things now – over a year before the Democratic primaries – because you want people to know who these Democrats are before they see the name in the ballot box. Otherwise all they’re going to do is connect the arrow on the candidate whose name they remember the most, and that’s not what you want when you’re preparing to take on the guy whose name everyone remembers the most.

Zielinski is the worst on Twitter, which he must think is a place for him to make the @gjzielinski account his own personal troll’s paradise.

Not counting the Dahmer tweets which have since been deleted, the last 50 tweets from Zielinski feature 28 bashing Governor Walker for various douchebaggery, five discussing the papacy (I’m assuming from the Polish last name that Zielinski is Catholic), five about VAWA, five bashing Sean Duffy, a couple attacking Ron Johnson and Reid Ribble, and one retweeting the Bucks.

How many are in support of Democratic candidates for public office? Especially considering we’re just one month away from the April general election? None. He has no interest in supporting anyone running for public office next month.  This is the Communications Director of our party.  That should be his entire job.

He hasn’t tweeted since yesterday’s apology to Walker, which is also a mistake. Move on. Of course, he could be on twitter ban from Tate, but that’s just delaying the problem while leaving the latest gaffe fresh in everyone’s mind.

Let’s not forget the fact that because most of Zielinski’s posts are anti-Walker, the chances things blow up in his face are tenfold. Many posts of Zielinski’s reference the John Doe case.  Well, seeing as the case is closed for now, Zielinski’s words just seem hollow across the board. It’s not just there; he has frequently brought up Walker’s lack of a college degree. What happens when a Democrat without a degree wants to run for public office in this state? All their GOP opponent will have to do is bring up tweets from Zielinski that point out this contradiction and they have news.

By staying positive and keeping negative posts to the issues at hand and not people, Zielinski would be able to build up candidates and the Wisconsin Democrats’ point of view. Instead, he just looks like your average internet troll – except this internet troll holds a high office in the State Democratic Party.

Earlier today, Dougie Cyanide called for someone to run against Mike Tate at this summer’s state convention. He characterizes current party leadership as something of a “frat house,” and he’s not off point.

As a journalist myself – you’re welcome to visit my site PantherU.com for new on the Milwaukee Panthers at UWM – I look at the delivery more than the message itself. And it’s abundantly clear that the delivery of the State Party’s message is absolutely hogwash.

Zielinski even dresses like he’s at a pledge party.

I’m not going to call for anyone to run against Mike Tate, but I will call for Mike Tate to make the tough decision and oust this pledge from the frat house.   It bothers me that time after time, Graeme Zielinski makes the dumb decision to hit “Post” without thinking, and Tate has yet to make him accountable for his actions.

Graeme Zielinski’s gotta go – or else “Not Scott Walker” is going to lose to Scott Walker by a landslide next fall.  With all the trolling and unintelligent rambling of Republicans across the country, the Democratic Party – especially here with the State Democratic Party of Wisconsin – has the opportunity to look like the intelligent, measured, calm and mature party.

Graeme Zielinski has had the opportunity to raise the level of public discourse in this state, and all he’s done is respond in kind with idiotic, hot-headed and immature rhetoric.

This is why Graeme’s gotta go.  Make the call, Tate.

Can The Democratic Party Of Wisconsin Be Saved?

I have been a member of The Democratic Party of Wisconsin since 2007, the year I moved back to my home state. I lived in many other places in the 18 years I was gone, and was always proud to be a Democrat. I was still proud of my party affiliation when I got here, and then things changed.

It has nothing to do with most of the elected officials that label themselves as Democrats, or the large numbers of volunteers across the state that help get the word out about what we want and need in this state. It has to do with the “leaders” of the party, mostly at the State level. The state party has become the party of “We’re Not (Insert Republican name here)”, and that’s it. There used to be messaging from the state party that could inform you on things that the Democrats across our fine state are doing, and what we need to do to help get that message out. When was the last time you saw anything positive show up in your email inbox from the Party? Anyone? All I seem to get is “Scott Walker is a bad man. Give us money.” I get tons of positive and informative emails from our elected representatives. Why is it impossible for the leaders of the party to do the same thing?

The blame needs to fall on the person who was elected to be chair. Mike Tate.

He fails to control anything that happens in his office, but he wants to blame the Governor for not knowing what was happening in his office when he was Milwaukee County Executive. Pot meet kettle.

Many people want to call the reaction to Graeme Zielinski’s Tweets on Friday as “Faux outrage from the far right”. I could see that a logical excuse, but only if this was the first time Graeme looked unprofessional. For examples of this, just go to @gjzielinski on twitter and start reading. I suggest starting at the beginning. He has made himself out to be the poster child of what unprofessional looks like, in any career field. But he does it again, and again, and again, and Mike Tate and other party leaders treat him like someone with a severe learning disability, which, as far as I know he doesn’t have (Even though Graeme seems like he might want to get that checked). But Mike Tate is forced to apologize for him again, like he always does. I was told by one of the county chairs that Graeme already apologized (at 6:57pm) for what he did, so we should just get over it. I wanted to know when Graeme apologized, and I never got an answer. Why? Because an apology from Graeme didn’t come until 2 hours later. (Correction: The person who told me that he believed that Graeme made an apology earlier made an honest mistake. I would like to offer Sachin a sincere apology)

So when we, as Democrats, allow this to happen, we look no better than what people perceive. And what they see is Graeme Zielinski, looking like an idiot. So if you’re happy looking like an uncontrollable fool, that’s your choice. It sure as hell isn’t mine.

What we need to focus on now is replacing the guy who can’t control his own office. Mike Tate.

He is up for election this year, and we need a qualified candidate to run against him. When we do, we need to support them and get Mike Tate and the rest of his frat house out. I suggest joining the Party ASAP (Yes. I know I’m asking you to give money to the Party, but it’s only $10) find out what you need to do to become a delegate for your Congressional district, attend this year’s State Democratic Convention, and vote him out.

Yes We Can! :)